Our team consists of people who share a love for pizza and cocktails. What counts at work is a good atmosphere and a well-coordinated team that trusts each other and helps each other. We are friendly, open-minded, and if, like us, you love pizza and you like to discover new flavors, this is the place for you.

Our three pillars are: passion, diligence and kindness.

We want everyone in our restaurant to feel at home, so we are looking for open-minded and social people for whom working with good music and tasty food is also fun.

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Warsaw, so there will be no time for boredom here. Each day presents us with new challenges!

Do you like taking them? Are you open-minded and outgoing? Do you love the urban atmosphere and the vibe of the Nowy Świat? This is what we are looking for!

Become part of the best team in Warsaw today!

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